The promotable business analyst… reviewed

I have finished reviewing Laura’s eBook(s) (there are three parts) and I am very impressed. It’s a major undertaking that satisfies a very clear need.

I don’t believe there is anything comparable out there and, equally, I don’t know any BA who doesn’t worry where their career is taking them (i.e. they are driving the car but don’t know where they are headed!).

There are several thorny issues for the BA looking to progress their career which I was reminded of when reading Laura’s book:
– no single, universally recognized definition of BA (despite sterling work of the IIBA!)
– no defined career path
– the job is poorly understood at best, especially regarding the value the BA brings to the organisation

Laura tackles these amongst many other problems in her own style – she is focused on you the reader and is committed to understanding and resolving your problems. Laura is not on any ego trip here.

She even manages to turn the lack of career path into an opportunity!

This eBook series is practical and allows you to take small steps to improve your situation right now.
You can also use it to focus on what’s most important to you now whether that’s improving your skills/abilities today, deciding the next step in your career, assisting you with an upcoming performance review or deciding when/if to leave your organisation.

You can get benefit from the day of purchase by assessing and improving your skills and starting to develop good practice.

She also provides you with a full set of relevant and detailed templates and tools to give you structure and support.

Here are a few of the many topics covered:

  • full exploration of the value of the business analyst including a worksheet to discover and communicate your value to your manager
  • how to develop marketable qualifications whether you’re a junior BA or an experienced BA who has learnt on the job with little formal knowledge acquisition
  • understand how to align your objectives with your organisation’s objectives
  • leverage your current position to your advantage
  • analyse how the knowledge and skills you are developing contribute towards youe career, not just your current job

A word of warning – only you can decide on your goals and how to get there. However, this ebook series is a great co-pilot which will really accelerate your efforts through a combination of tools, insight, inspiration and encouragement that clearly has your best interests at heart.

You will be invited to join an exclusive LinkedIn group when you purchase the book, allowing you to join a like-minded community who have already demonstrated their commitment to their career.

This community will give you a great opportunity to share and feel that you are not alone in your struggle!
I can only applaud Laura and her sterling work – I am inspired by her efforts and hope that my training courses deliver to the same standard that Laura attains.

If you want to buy the eBook, don’t forget, there is a first week only discount where all 3 parts are available for $40 (normal price $75). This discount expires on the 15th July.

You must purchase NOW or you will miss this opportunity.

If you want to purchase Laura’s eBook then click here.
PS. You could reflect on this and decide later whether you should buy the eBook. But we all know what that means – it’ll be left abandoned on the ‘too difficult’ pile.

Use this as the trigger to take control of your career.
If you don’t start now, when will you start?

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  1. alexpapworth says:

    You're welcome Laura.

    Your focus on delivering the RIGHT solution to help BA's will serve you well.

    Good luck with this and future projects

  2. Alex, I can't thank you enough for this thoughtful review. You have really invested some time in reading the book (no small feat) and communicating it's value to your readers. Thank you!

    What I like best is the comparison of the book to a co-pilot. This is a great analogy and really gets across what I was trying to achieve with the book. As a professional, you are in charge of your career direction. The book, templates, and worksheets are there to help you find and implement your path. They help you get unstuck from wherever you happen to get stuck and they will always be there when you need them for an extra boost.

    Thanks again Alex!


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