Non-functional requirements

There is some dispute regarding the use of the term non functional requirements and whether it is the correct term. However, it is in common use and serves a recognised purpose. In this article it is used to describe general characteristics and properties that are required. They are non-functional in the sense that they don’t […] Read more »

Requirements Engineering – an Introduction

Requirements engineering is a term that covers a variety of methods and approaches which share the objective of improving the quality and delivery of requirements. It includes: requirements gathering the initial identification and documentation of requirements   requirements management tracing the requirements through to the completion of an IT development to verify their delivery. This […] Read more »

What is business analysis?

OK, this site claims to help business analysts so a good place to start would be to explain what business analysis is all about. In this article, you’ll find the following: the analogy of business analyst as interpreter bridging the gap between IT and the business the importance of timing problems with language other responsibilities […] Read more »