The responsibilities of the Business Analyst (a non-technical and short list)

I was reflecting on how impenetrable the role of the BA can be to a newbie when I was designing the Break through into Business Analysis programme last year. We used to have no single definition so it was open season for anyone to decide what the BA should do (that hasn’t gone away completely!). […] Read more »

Business Analyst Job Description: Verticals in which a Business Analyst works

With the increase in the complexity of organizations, their expanse and their product offerings, there had been a considerable increase in the challenges faced by these organizations. A business analyst, with his analytical, problem solving and elicitation skills helps organizations achieve their strategic goals and objectives and is a vital component to their overall success. […] Read more »

Are you successful in managing stakeholders?

We can’t live with them, we can’t live without them. Stakeholders exist internally and externally and often have competing priorities and needs. Our best moments often arise from exceeding a stakeholder’s expectations. Unfortunately, our worst moments are also often due to managing a stakeholder poorly. If you feel the need to learn more about managing […] Read more »

Become a Brilliant BA is reopening! But now it is invite only…

My community coaching service, Become a Brilliant BA, has been closed to new students over the summer while I considered the future direction. One of my concerns was how to ensure quality mentoring so that enthusiastic mentees would benefit from the guidance from mentors. It is critical to encourage mentees who act on the guidance […] Read more »

How to make use cases work for you (expert discussion webinar)

In this expert discussion webinar Alex Papworth, James Shields and Edel Power discuss use cases Chaired by Jody Bullen of Yonix This is a community driven event drawing on and sharing the experiences of our community. This webinar is part of the ‘Be a Better BA’ Webinar Series bought to you in association with Yonix […] Read more »