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Be A Brilliant Business Analyst is brought to you by the Business Analyst Mentor, Alex Papworth.

Alex Has been a Business Analyst for a number of years very successfully, and in recent years has been helping support existing Business Analysts through mentoring and coaching.

More recently, Alex has also been helping aspiring Business Analysts to realise their dream to become a Business Analyst and support them through various learning and development opportunities.

Alex is really well connected with the industry, and has valuable contacts, information and resources that are frequently of use to both aspiring and experienced Business Analysts.

During a recent survey of the thousands of members of Alex's Business Analyst Mentor newsletter subscribers, Alex found out that many of his followers were looking for somewhere to engage with other Business Analysts, and set about creating this brand new community.

Alex is giving you the opportunity to join and get access to this exclusive community for just £24.95 per month or you can cancel anytime.

(Your £24.95 monthly charge will be locked in for the life of your membership, with no price rises guaranteed)


What You Get:

  • BA Surgery: Opportunity to share your challenges with Alex and other expert BAs as well as the community. Get lots of ideas on how to get past your roadblock or burning issue. (live teleconference every 2 weeks)
  • Community: Access to an Exclusive Closed Facebook group with other Business Analysts to share stories, resources and to get help and support
  • Learning: Fantastic Online Learning resources available with the group to allow you to grow
  • Content: Access to interviews, tips, news and other great resources to support your growth as a Business Analyst
  • Opportunities: Find out about exclusive opportunities from training and shadowing opportunities through to the latest job posting
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