Become a Brilliant BA is reopening! But now it is invite only…

My community coaching service, Become a Brilliant BA, has been closed to new students over the summer while I considered the future direction.
One of my concerns was how to ensure quality mentoring so that enthusiastic mentees would benefit from the guidance from mentors. It is critical to encourage mentees who act on the guidance so that the mentors are rewarded by seeing their mentees grow and develop.
Not everyone has that time and can struggle to follow through on their commitments so it is important to find the right match between mentor and mentee.

    So what next?

So to increase the chances of this happening, I have asked the mentors that I rate highly to describe what they are looking for in a mentee.
They will speak to the mentees where they feel there is the best fit and agree after conversation with the mentee whether to start on a mentoring relationship.

And to kick this off, I’d like to introduce Ana Vasilescu.

I have known Ana for several years and have been very impressed by her selfless attitude, her insight into the practice of business analysis and her passion to help others.

I’ll let Ana introduce herself (taken from her profile on Become a Brilliant Business Analyst):
Professional Senior Business Analyst, always looking to solve the business problems. Customers buy solutions, not technology. Quality focused Business Analyst with over 5 years hands-on experience on business process improvement consultancy and requirements engineering. I am a self-starter with a permanent wish to develop myself both professionally and personally.

Ana explains that her ideal mentee would fit the following description:

– age: maximum 35 years old
– experience: little or no experience as a B(S)A
– period: looking for a minimum committed 1 month collaboration (1-2 sessions per week) – coaching OR long term mentoring
– tool(s): Skype, Creatly, Enterprise Architect, e-mail, etc. etc. etc. – I really don’t care
– type of projects: software requirements specs, prototyping and/or business process improvement initiatives

Ana is looking to support up to 2 business analysts.

Are you a passionate and committed business analyst who believes that mentoring is what you need to accelerate your professional development?

If so, please describe your mentoring objectives here.

We will be back in touch soon!

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