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The last couple of months have been interesting for me on various fronts:

  • My ‘trial’ mentoring programme with Ify (see Ify’s blog) has continued. It’s not been as rapid as I or probably he would like. However, our expectations were perhaps a little unrealistic based on spending no more than a couple of hours mentoring per week. I’ve learnt a huge amount about mentoring for which I’m very grateful and I think we are really making some headway. I’ve got a course outline that we’re roadtesting and refining as we progress.
  • As a result of my free mentoring offer, I’ve spoken/emailed a number of you and, I hope, been of assistance. I’ve contacted a variety of people from college graduates through to experienced business professionals, all looking to become business analysts. They have had no experience or some experience on projects but in a piecemeal fashion and are looking for advice on how to become ‘official’ business analysts!
  • I’ve spoken to fellow bloggers (Laura), active BA contributors on the net (Thanks Doug) and been provided articles (Thanks Adriana)
  • Researched eLearning vendors as potential course suppliers to newbie BA’s
  • Researched routes into the industry through contacts in the IIBA and outside to help new starters (not easy this one!)

Anyway, the reason for the article (as indicated in the title!) is that I have decided to capture some of this advice and knowledge and make it available as an eBook. This is not a new idea as Laura Brandau is busy doing the same thing and I know of other websites where similar things have been done.

However, there is plenty of room for healthy competition and I am confident any newbie will find it an incredibly valuable reference. I will be very keen to hear your feedback so I can improve it.

I have other things in the pipeline on the training front but I will be concentrating on this in the short term.

There is some GREAT NEWS – I will be giving this eBook away for FREE! Also, there will be some courses which I think are ideal for the new business analyst to get the basic grounding which are relatively inexpensive ($450 to $750) and have been tested by me and selected mentees. I have negotiated some significant discounts on these courses for your benefit.

I want to be quite upfront about this, if you decide to take any of these courses, I will also be getting a referral fee. However, I don’t want to make a quick buck at your expense, my ethos is to provide you with exactly what you need, when you need it and keep you coming back to this site because you value what you get from this site whether it is free or not. This is why I value feedback (good and bad) so that I can understand your needs and serve those needs. I know how difficult it can be to start as a business analyst and I want to be a trusted adviser (or mentor) who will help you on that path. If I give you bad advice, you will leave, never to return to the site and that is bad for both of us.

As ever, contact me directly with your thoughts or add comments to this article so everyone can see them.

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  1. santhosh says:

    Hello Alex, first of all , thanks to you. The effort which you have put up is really great. I am a technical writer now. .Previously, I was in Software testing. So, I thought it would be great if I were a business analyst. So, your book could give me a start up on a personal level for me. It would be great if you can e-mail the ebook to my e-mail address. Thanks a lot in advance.

    e-mail address:

  2. Sobin Paul says:

    Hi Alex

    I am interested in this profile and since it a demanding career I am upadating myself on how i can become a sucessfull BA in coming years.

    It would be great if you can provide me a copy of your ebook


    Sobin Paul

  3. Son Dinh says:

    Hello Alex,
    Thanks for your e-book you provide. I am very interesting in BA career. I had found so many e-books, but i think this is my solution. Could you please send me a copy of this e-book?

    My email address:

    Thank you!

  4. Vu Van Ly says:

    i want to discover many thing in business analysis. Can you send me ebook to my email

  5. praneet says:

    Hi ,

    I am interested in learning Business Analysis and will be great if you can email a ebook to my mail id . Thanks in Advance !!


  6. senthil says:

    Hi Alex,

    I'm also interested in this ebook, please email me to

    Thanks in Advance.


  7. anuj says:

    Hello Alex,

    I would like to read a copy of the ebook as well. I would appreciate it if you can email it to
    Thank you,

  8. Darshan says:

    Hello Mr. Alex,
    How are you?Sir, My self Darshan Patel and I must say fresher to this field. I must say that you are really doing great and noble thing for people like us. Would you please send me the e books for business analyst to

    Thank you

    Darshan Patel

  9. Prakash says:

    Hi sIr
    Plz also send me all the ebook for BA

  10. alexpapworth says:

    Hi Bala

    no need to wait, the eBook is here. Click on this link – Reply

  • Rahul Dhasmana says:

    Hello Alex,

    Thanks for the initiative as this idea would help many like me who are starting their careers as a BA, the major hurdle that I am facing is getting the hands on experience on various skills required to be a successful BA. Will wait to read the ebook…

  • alexpapworth says:

    OK, so it's taking longer than planned!! Sorry, I've engaged a designer to improve the layout and presentation.

    I am also negotiating course discounts which I have reviewed and recommended in the guide. The technicalities of finalising this has taken longer but is almost complete.

  • alexpapworth says:

    Molly and Jochen

    I've made good progress on the eBook and just doing some final polishing and getting feedback at the moment.


  • Janet J. says:

    Alex, I’m one of the professionals that’s could use some mentoring training and perhaps prayer.

    I work for an organization that purchase fairly complex COTS through the Request for Purchase process. They have been doing so for years with out any true methodical requirements elicitation methods.

    Now I have been charged with fixing this big broken.

    The IT department does not really understand their customers business yet the provide high dollar solutions regularly. The success rate of our projects has not been very high.

    I would love to either work with you on a mentoring bases or to at least read your e-book. I just happened upon your site today while researching solutions.

  • Staurt says:

    Alex is a true professional and I’d recommend everyone to subscribe to his RSS feeds for priceless insights into business analysis.

    • Alex P says:

      Stuart, Doug

      thanks for your very kind words and thanks Doug for the offer of help. It’s very much appreciated and great to know that people are getting something from my efforts.

      I’d like to reiterate Doug’s coment on insights. In particular, it would really help if you were to share the problems and issues you are wrestling with today that you want help with. Whether it’s in relation to becoming a BA, developing your professional skills or getting a BA job, I would really like to hear.

      Thanks again


  • DougGtheBA says:

    As I’m sitting in my favorite cafe sucking down a double espresso while studying the BABOK to become a better analyst….I can’t help but think of what a great opportunity this is for new analysts. The rarity of mentorship is bad enough, but the obsolescence of one-one learning from a mentor that can take the time to do it right is worse. As most analysts can vouch for, organizations can often not define what an analyst does or this role’s value. What a great to build the knowledge to communicate that and the skills needed to shows these orgs what truly good analysts can do.

    I’d like to offer you any help I can to make this happen. Also, I’d like to encourage anyone wishing to move into analysis to seriously look into this offering. Finally, not that I need to coax your following along, I’d like to encourage everyone to forward Alex any insight you have. This is the beginning of a very imporatant grassroot effort to build a better BA community and you’re doig a great thing in leading it.


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