Big usability upgrade due very soon

This is a quick note to warn you of a complete overhaul of the website.
I’ve engaged some usability experts to redesign the website to make the information much easier to find.
It will break down the information based on the following groups:

  • Becoming a Business Analyst
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Professional Development
  • News

It should also have a much improved ‘look’ – I haven’t seen the proposals yet but I’m confident it will be much more polished.

I’ll also be opening up the ‘free’ course again. After a lot of soul searching I’ve decided to charge for the course. The reason I’m charging is to ensure students engage in the course.

over 60% of people who signed up didn’t even start the course!

I want students to stop and think whether they have the time to spend in a course before they sign up. The modest charge will force you to think twice.

It will still be incredible value and affordable for all budgets.

I’m very excited about these changes and look forward to you seeing the benefit.
I’ll send you an update when its been changed so you can have a look.
I’d love to get your feedback.

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  1. Vasu says:

    please i want to enroll in this course..

    • Alex P says:

      Hi Vashu

      I’m pleased to hear this. It will be appearing on the new site on or around the 9th April.


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