Can I count on your vote?

Vote for me!

Vote for me!

The UK chapter of the IIBA is holding elections for five new board positions. I’m going for two positions – Marketing and Sponsorship and Knowledge Management.
I think I can really add value in both positions.
There should be no doubt of my commitment – you don’t spend six hours a week contributing to a blog and researching more material and generally networking on the web unless you’re committed (or have a lot of time on your hands ;-)).

I think my blog and the articles I’ve written can really give me a kick start in the Knowledge Management role. I’ve spent a long time trying to source information and thinking how you would best go about creating a community knowledge resource and I’m keen to put some of my ideas into practice.

I promote the IIBA through this blog and my new ‘IIBA’ blog on so I am already demonstrating how I can market the IIBA and raise the profile of business analysts in general. These are the foundations for a strong marketing initiative and awareness raising for the BA profession. I also intend to create relationships with organisations (educational, corporate) to raise the profile of the IIBA and generate significant membership growth.

In short, please vote for me and, if you aren’t a member of the IIBA but know anyone who is, please let them know how active I am and the benefit I can provide.

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  1. Alex definitely deserves this position. I haven’t yet heard anyone from UK promote IIBA or Business Analysis as much as Alex has done in the past few years :).

    You have my support from Atlanta!!!


    • Alex P says:

      Thanks Linda and Doug, I really appreciate your support. If I could just get you to become honroary members of the UK IIBA chapter…

      Seriously, this is a local issue but I think BA is a global skill and most of the problems faced and skills required are common which is why it is great to hook into the global BA community.

  2. DougGtheBA says:

    Hey! You IIBAUKers! I’m faux-voting for Alex from Texas, so what’s the matter with you?! The LEAST you could do is give the guy a real vote.

    Go AP! Go AP! Go AP!

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