The responsibilities of the Business Analyst (a non-technical and short list)

I was reflecting on how impenetrable the role of the BA can be to a newbie when I was designing the Break through into Business Analysis programme last year. We used to have no single definition so it was open season for anyone to decide what the BA should do (that hasn’t gone away completely!). […] Read more »

When is Enough Enough with Mentoring?? Finding the Right Balance.

Each time a mentor engages with a mentee, there exists a delicate balance between several factors that occur in the mentoring relationship. It’s important for the health of the parties involved that the mentor find and adjust to these balances as the situation dictates at any given time. Let’s take a look at a few…. […] Read more »

How Business Analyst Mentor can become an expert in all aspects of BA – Part 1

Part 1 – the vision I want Business Analyst mentor to be much, much smarter. I want it to help more people in achieving their professional development goals as business analysts. Business analysis is a broad skill set with many different niches and specialties. The expectations and scope of the role varies by company, industry […] Read more »

What’s in a name? Is it essential to have the Business Analyst job title?

Recently, I met the attendees of an ISEB training course (ISEB is an international BA certification for BA’s – to talk about the Professional Development Mentoring programme (read about the programme here – and get some market feedback. (they were attending a course run by Metadata Training – they are a training provider […] Read more »

It Didn’t Start Out This Way. One minute I was…..

….minding my own business and the next I had become a mentor. Hello, my name is Doug Goldberg and Alex has asked that I start blogging on his site about something I’m passionate about – preferably revolving around business analysis. He didn’t exactly say what I should be passionate about though. Fortunately for him, I […] Read more »

Why should you become a business analyst?

The following is taken from the eBook for Becoming a New Business Analyst. Have a read of this and let me know your thoughts… Why should you become a business analyst? This is a good question as you need to know your motivations are right before you invest time and money in becoming a successful […] Read more »

Becoming a Business Analyst Tales – Moving to the dark side!

I met Pinal Patel last year when we worked together in a startup. For three months or so we had some fun with our first experience of Agile methods and a wide variety of working hours. Since then, we have gone our separate ways but have kept in touch. Pinal was originally a developer but […] Read more »

Becoming a business analyst – assessing your competence gap

I have recently been in discussion with Adriana Beal, an experienced business analyst, based in New York. She has contributed a stimulating and important article to the IIBA blog on ComputerWorldUK hosted by yours truly. I asked Adriana if she would be able to provide a similar article to help BA’s (or wannabe BA’s) to […] Read more »