Practicing business analysis on yourself or your own business

In this post, I’ll use the challenge of enhancing the Be a Brilliant Business Analyst community to bring to life some of the common business analysis concepts and tasks. Houston we have a problem Soon after I launched BABBA I received direct contacts from members of the community asking for help with specific challenges. I […] Read more »

Communicating the value of the business analyst – part 1

In this and the next few posts I would like to communicate the value of business analysis in plain English. I cannot overstate how important it is to be able to communicate your value quickly and effectively to all of the people you work with. I knew that I had cracked it when when my […] Read more »

Building and maintaining a good working relationship with the project manager

The BA’s relationship with the project manager has been much discussed. I’d like to share my views on some of the critical components of a good relationship, drawing on my experiences, some of which have been learnt the hard way! Starting out When you first start on a project, it is important to focus on […] Read more »

How the use of visual models will significantly improve the quality of your requirements

I’ve been planning my analysis approach recently and have been recommending the use of visual models to support the business analysis effort. It seemed like a good time to revisit this subject to explain what they are and why they will make a sigificant difference to the quality of your work.   What I mean […] Read more »

Business Analyst Job Description: Verticals in which a Business Analyst works

With the increase in the complexity of organizations, their expanse and their product offerings, there had been a considerable increase in the challenges faced by these organizations. A business analyst, with his analytical, problem solving and elicitation skills helps organizations achieve their strategic goals and objectives and is a vital component to their overall success. […] Read more »