Are you successful in managing stakeholders?

We can’t live with them, we can’t live without them. Stakeholders exist internally and externally and often have competing priorities and needs. Our best moments often arise from exceeding a stakeholder’s expectations. Unfortunately, our worst moments are also often due to managing a stakeholder poorly. If you feel the need to learn more about managing […] Read more »

Become a Brilliant BA is reopening! But now it is invite only…

My community coaching service, Become a Brilliant BA, has been closed to new students over the summer while I considered the future direction. One of my concerns was how to ensure quality mentoring so that enthusiastic mentees would benefit from the guidance from mentors. It is critical to encourage mentees who act on the guidance […] Read more »

Business Analysis Conference Europe full agenda has been announced

The Business Analysis Conference Europe has now been announced. The details provided by the hosts, IIBA UK, are provided below: Business Analysis Conference Europe 2012 24-26 September 2012, London This conference will provide an interactive forum where Business Analysts can meet, discuss and debate the competencies needed to rise to the challenges faced by their […] Read more »

JIT BA Coaching due to launch start of July.

The JIT BA Coaching Service has moved from just an idea to a full service thanks to the dedication and support of BA Mentor subscribers. I’d really like to thank all of those who volunteered to assist with this. The volunteers I selected have dedicated time, deep thought and detailed feedback, walking through a wireframe […] Read more »

Just in time BA coaching – testers wanted!

Training for BAs is a million miles better than it was in 2000 when I started as a freelance BA. However, I believe it is often a poor solution for today’s time starved business analyst who needs on the spot, relevant and actionable coaching. Some BA’s that I’ve been talking to about training and Certification […] Read more »

BA’s and employer’s view on Certifications

Here are some thoughts on Certifications from BA’s who have made the Certification journey: Adrian Reed compares the CCBA/CBAP with the ISEB BA Diploma  Brett Arthur shares Part 1 of his CBAP journey – there are two more posts to complete the story!   And here are the results of our questionnaire answered by individuals […] Read more »

How do you know when you are doing enterprise analysis?

Enterprise Analysis puts the Business Analyst in a strategic role, a frame of reference that we BA’s are uniquely qualified for but rarely engaged in.  We aren’t usually assigned to interpret business strategies at an organizational level, but when it does happen our work gives context to the plan for requirements gathering and solution definition.  […] Read more »