How to make use cases work for you (expert discussion webinar)

In this expert discussion webinar Alex Papworth, James Shields and Edel Power discuss use cases Chaired by Jody Bullen of Yonix This is a community driven event drawing on and sharing the experiences of our community. This webinar is part of the ‘Be a Better BA’ Webinar Series bought to you in association with Yonix […] Read more »

Tips to Start Up Fast on a Project

Summary In this article I discuss my experiences of the circumstances and reasons that lead to a business analyst joining a project some time after an upgrade or extension project was started. The project has usually stalled to some degree as a result of the technical team being unable to continue with certainty. They will […] Read more »

Tom Karasmanis

Canadian BA Mentor. Tom is the Product Owner for the IIBA’s “Being a BA – Technical Excellence” and “Vendor Showcase” webinar series. Previously he was the IIBA’s Chief Architect. An experienced business architect and enterprise analyst, he has a track record of many years building and managing Business Analysis practices. He is one of the […] Read more »

A history of the future – visioning for Business Analyst Mentor

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a business visioning exercise for Business Analyst Mentor called ‘History of the Future’. It is typically used for issues identification, first-cut development of solutions, and it also helps understand and align business vision amongst multiple stakeholders. The exercise was organized and facilitated by BA Mentor Joan Davis who […] Read more »

Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) Interview from a mentee’s perspective

Have you ever wanted to know what BPMN is all about? Pete Cohen certainly did and, fortunately, one of the mentors, Mike Eckersley as been experimenting with BPMN ever since it first appeared in 2005. That’s one of the benefits of having access to a pool of expert BA’s – if you want to know […] Read more »

Lend me your ears

I watched a  TED video (Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better) the other day that got me thinking about communication skills. Everybody knows that excellent communication skills are a “must have” if you are going to be a highly successful Business Analyst. Communication skills development tends to concentrate on speaking, writing, and presenting, with […] Read more »