Why everyone should have a mentor

I’ve written the following article for BA Connections, the IIBA newsletter. It’s coming out in June but I wanted to give you a sneak preview: In this article, I’d like to explain why I think mentoring can be so valuable in helping you through the professional development minefield. I will share a story to illustrate […] Read more »

Pragnalysis team announce free Requirements Management Software tool!

Two of the new board members at the IIBA UK Chapter, Adrian Reed and Joe Dasilva, are not only very active community members but devote much time giving back to the community. Their website, pragnalysis.com, has many free requirements templates but they have gone beyond this now with a free Requirements Management Software tool.   […] Read more »

The key to successful communication as a business analyst

I have been researching current thinking on online training. It has really opened my eyes to effective methods for engaging and communicating with others. This article explains some best practice principles for communication. Ok, imagine you’re a project manager and your business analyst says: this task is really difficult. I’m not sure how long it […] Read more »

Five techniques to successfully manage scope

During last week’s study group session (see earlier article), we were running a Question and Answer session to give the students an opportunity to get some practice in interviewing with the aim of producing a coherent, consistent vision statement. During this exercise, I was asked to step in to show how I would manage requirements […] Read more »

What’s so good about peer reviews?

Elizabeth Harrin is speaking at the Business Analysis Conference in London in September 2009. She has provided the following helpful article in advance of the Conference when she will be discussing how to work with project managers. Read more about Elizabeth’s contribution to the conference here. Read more about the BA conference here. The year […] Read more »