Communicating the value of the business analyst – part 2

This is the second post where I would like to communicate the value of business analysis in plain English.

This animation is intended to make sure the business is changed in the right way by considering all possible solutions.  The business analyst should avoid rushing to a solution when the benefit has not been fully understood.

Spot the topical reference to Harry Kane if there are any Spurs fans out there.

Let me know whether you think this captures one of the other benefits of business analysis.

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  1. Thank you, admin, for teaching about Communicating the value of the business analyst – part 2

  2. virinder says:

    hi Alex,
    The visual expression is definitely the fast way to get the point across.
    I think this type of tool should be used more often even when working with stakeholders to drive out the multitude of options/ solutions.
    Overall this is a great way to focus everyone on the goal and not waste time trying to define the problem.
    Everyday Business Analysis !!!


    • Alex Papworth says:

      Thanks Virinder.

      I really enjoyed commissioning this – it would be great to have the excuse to use this in different scenarios.

      Joking aside, a great visual often does help a lot – I try to use more and more ways of communicating other than the somewhat tortuous Big Requirements Document.

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