Create a use case modelling course custom designed for you!

Help me design the perfect use case modelling course that’s a custom fit for you! I’m developing a course, drawn from my ten years plus of experience. You will be able to benefit from the lessons I have learnt successfully delivering use case models to my clients’ satisfaction.

I want to design the course to suit your needs. It will only be a success if you give me your feedback.

I want to design the course to suit you so I need to know:

  • what really works for you
  • what you dislike or find confusing
  • what you were expecting but isn’t in the course

In return, you will get a preview of the training course, the ability to influence the design and content of the course and free access to the course when I launch it in February.

I have a number of people participating already but would like a few more contributors.

In order to participate, you will need:

  • a strong need and desire to learn how to consistently deliver high quality use case models
  • to consider yourself a junior business analyst looking to improve
  • to be living in the US (this is not mandatory but I do want some feedback from potential students living in the US)
  • to be able to spare a couple of hours a week providing feedback

Here’s an insight into the course :

  • developed from my years of experience and a commitment to excellence
  • access the course online at a time to suit you
  • weekly live tutorials
  • case studies that progress throughout the course
  • course material available in formats to suit you including video, audio and PDF
  • real world exercises and experience
  • interact with me and fellow students during live Q&A tutorials, course forum and more

This is a genuine opportunity which requires genuine commitment. I will only make a free place available when the course is launched if you have committed me time and given me your honest feedback . The upside is that the course will be a custom fit for you!

If you think this might be for you, please complete the form below with a few words explaining why you think you would be a great ‘test’ student. I am only limiting this opportunity to a handful of people so please apply quickly.

Thanks for all your generous offers of help and support. THIS IS NOW CLOSED. I shall contact a few of you over the next week to decide who will help produce the best course.

However, if you would like to receive exclusive advance notice of the use case course and a very valuable free report that will accompany the launch, please enter your details below (I will include those who I don’t take up on their offer of help):

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  1. Tom M says:

    You can twitter me at @tlgalenson when your ready to present this course.

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