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I’ve been researching eLearning products for business analysts recently for two purposes. Firstly, I wanted to know the range and quality of the offerings available today so that I can share that information. Secondly, I wanted to know whether there would be any value in me developing my own product for business analysts.
I’ve been looking, in particular, at anything that helps the new or wannabe business analyst.
I have looked at any offering which comes under the Requirements Foundations category. Usually, this is a course that ties in with the BABOK (Business Analyst Body of Knowledge) and provides you with an explanation of terms and an introduction to the techniques that are applied with worked examples, case studies and quizzes.

I have spoken to each of the providers and either ‘walked through’ one or more of their products or had a live demonstration with the originator.  I have found a wide range of products are available, each with their own pros and cons. I have also negotiated a discount on some courses for the benefit of my students (if you are interested in any of the courses, contact me and I can pass on the details). I have asked some students to write reviews which I will be posting on the blog.

I will share this information with you in due course with a devoted training resources page.

In the meantime, here is a list of providers and courses that I have investigated:

EBG Consulting (some of you will recognise Ellen Gottesdiener through the IIBA and extensive public speaking on business analysis)

Course offeringRoadmap to Success: Foundation for Reqts Development & Mgmnt

ESI International (UK) (global training provider with impressive reach)

Course offeringIntroduction to Business Analysis

Inquestra (offers exclusively eLearning courses)

Course offeringFundamentals of Requirements Elicitation

Linda Erzah (BAMentor!!)

Course Offering – CBAP Preparation (Only for experienced business analysts)

Please share any experiences you have had with these providers or any others that you have experienced.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Hope you’re well!

    Just wanted to point you to our e-Learning offerings – not IIBA related (we focus on the BCS qualifications via e-Learning) but we’ve found them to be really useful for BAs, especially new BAs. Let me know if this is of interest to you and I’ll give you a tour 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  2. Alex P says:

    Hi Doug

    thanks for the post and support. You are correct, I have been thinking about a mentoring and training product but have been trying to determine what wannabe business analysts want/need. I’ve also been trying to find the time to build the training product which is a challenge with a full time job.

    I really appreciate the support and will announce something after the holidays (August).

    I’m really glad to hear you’re taking Linda’s course. How would you like to write a review in the form of a series of posts? I know Linda, myself and the blog readers would really value it.


  3. DougGtheBA says:

    Hey there sir. Nice to see you writing again. If by what you mentioned about developing your own product as building your own tool…I’d say I’d rather see you build your own course products. One thing that is sparse in the industry right now is someone like yourself providing a mentorship program like you are. There are many vendors that teach analysis over a week and drill in the definition of requirement and traceability. However, there is almost no one that will teach a personn what i really means to be analyst and tie the soft skills to the hard skills and tools, methodologies, etc.

    It’s apparent that you know what you are doing and have a passion for it. This is a golden oppty to slowly mentor and craft an interested party into a great analyst with a braod skillset.

    If THAT is what you mean….the yes! Go for it!
    Best Regards,

    P.s. Taking Linda Erzah’s course right now and learning lots!

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