Ever wanted to know how to write the perfect requirements document?

Have your ever wanted to know what the perfect requirements document looks like?
Of course,  it is not that simple (you knew I was going to say that,  didn’t you?), it depends on the type of project, the audience,  stage of the project and any organisation standards.
If you want to learn how experienced business analysts produce the best requirements documents,  join this expert discussion webinar – How to produce the best requirements document. It all happpens on 29th September at 9pm (BST), 4pm (
The panelists who are experienced BA’s will be answering your questions on this subject.
This is not like other webinars where the content has been written weeks in advance. We shape the webinar around the questions that the audiense submit in advance. That way,  we get to answer the questions that matter most to you rather than feeling you what we think you should hear.
So,  if you have some burning questions around  writing requirements documents,  please register here and submit them now.

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  1. mohamed gamal ahmed says:

    i am working as assistant to the it director and i want to be BA but i donot know from where can i start
    want easy book about B A

  2. cj says:

    Hi Alex, I will be travelling on that day. Any chance you will have replay available at later date?

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