Free articles and podcasts from presenters at IIBA UK Business Analysis Conference

Regular readers of this blog will know I have been preparing for the first Business Analysis Conference in the UK at the end of September (details here).

We have been pursuing the presenters to write articles and participate in interviews to get people ‘warmed up’ for the conference.

Here is a selection:

Leadership mastery, X-ray listening and planning for change

Some of the speakers have agreed to provide us some insight into what they will be discussing and these are included here:

Martyn Wilson (chairman of IIBA UK) explains how the real value of business analysis is being revealed

Nick De Voil (speaker) talks about user centred design

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Judy Rees of Xray listening ( for generously volunteering to conduct these interviews. Judy will also be talking at the conference on – guess what!

This is NOT one to miss. Business analysis has come of age, it has never been more recognised for the value it offers organisations.

Keep your skills up to date by listening to engaging speakers on the latest thinking or practioner’s advice on the best approaches.

If you would like to attend, you have a few discounting options:

i)                    join the UK IIBA chapter and achieve a discount of 15% or £249. It currently costs around £110 to join the IIBA and provides significant benefits including networking opportunities, access to frequent talks by prominent, challenging speakers as well as access to the BABOK.

ii)                   register and quote “BAM” to achieve a discount of 10% or £166.
As a Business Analyst Mentor reader, I am happy to pass this discount in full on to you.

iii)                 if you have two or more colleagues who would like to attend, you can achieve a bigger, additional discount. For example, if you know six colleagues, you can achieve a further 25% discount which would save you a total of £602

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