Great value CBAP study group starts soon!

One of my internet colleagues (Doug Goldberg) who I am collaborating with on a Study Group at present is starting a CBAP Study Group from 19th October.

It’s an evening course and runs from 6:30pm to 8:30pm (CST USA) and will require a VoIP headset.

 The course will run for 14 weeks and is being offered for the incredibly cheap price of $40.

I have been in contact with Doug over the past year on subjects related to business analysis and training and recommend his informal but professional approach very highly.

If you are interested, register at or email him at

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  1. Steve Jones says:

    I'd have to say that you take the criticism well… the sign of someone who is comfortable in what they know (and don't know, too). The comments are quite enflammatory but the preface of "worked with [you] in the past…" are lacking in anything useful if they were really trying to dissuade people from attending the group – just how far back are they going with these remarks (high school?).

    If I didn't already have my CBAP, I would be considering the group – I agree that the fee you are asking is very reasonable and you are hosting at a time that is accessible to any of us who are state-side. I applaud your effort and your initiative to pull this together.

    Best of Luck,
    Steve Jones

  2. doug goldberg says:

    Wow! It's actually hard to believe that someone has feelings that strongly about me.

    To the writer's point about scamming people for money, I'd be happy to give this person the course for free if he or she feels that there might be something to be learned. Of course, since this writer didn't have the decency to leave a name behind, that might be hard. However, if I were really trying to scam money off people, I would charge quite a bit more like most other organizations. This is only a modest fee to cover time and coordination.

    To the writer's point about my capabilities….I'll be the first person to tell anyone that I don't know everything and am constantly reading and trying to improve. I most certainly don't know all that I would like to and am always behind in needing to acquire more knowledge. Like many others, I just try to do the best I can. I have clearly stated to the CBAP study group that I am no expert, but rather a student just like the rest who has also taken the role of facilitator to fill a need. So I don't think I actually can be a fraud, since I make no claims that I'm better than anyone else as an analyst.

    So…if you don't like me or think I'm a fraud…that's ok. If you'd like to join me to learn about how to be a better analyst, that's great.

    I'd say the latter is a bit more productive for all concerned.

  3. alexpapworth says:

    This is a very serious claim. It is potentially damaging to Doug and myself by association.
    Please reveal yourself and justify your claim or I will remove this comment as spam.

  4. Doug's Colleague says:

    Doug Goldberg is a fraud!. I have worked with him in the past and know from experience that he is not a true business analyst. He talks as if he knows a lot but working closely with him revealed his true skills (which has none). Please do not waste your money, this only looks like a scam to make money.

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