Hear a mentee share his experiences

Pete Cohen has kindly agreed to be interviewed to share his experiences of mentoring.
Pete lives in Melbourne, Australia and I first met him when he attended my first Mastering Use Cases course.

In this interview, he tells me how he finds mentoring helps his confidence and credibility within his organisation.
He also explains how mentoring is a two way street and requires focus and commitment from the mentee to get real value.

Please listen in (I’m sorry for the breathing when Pete is speaking – I had problems with my microphone!)

If you think you could benefit in the same way as Pete has, sign up to the Professional Development Mentoring Service here.

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  1. Doug Goldberg says:

    I have to say that Pete has been an excellent mentee and has made the experience very gratifying and worthwhile! He takes it extremely seriously and is an avid learner who digs in deep to obtain the most benefit he can from the mentoring relationship.

  2. Pretty cool. Doug and I had planned to do a three way call to demonstrate the importance and benefits of mentoring; I got some ideas on how I can plan that now! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, Alex.

  3. @brown_note says:

    Great interview Alex. I've met Peter, and he's great. Very motivated and a natural leader. He clearly takes on the mentoring as an important part of his professional development and appreciates the way it helps him.

    • Alex Papworth says:

      Thanks Craig. He is certainly passionate about his work. You could describe Pete as the perfect mentee. He will benefit most

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