How can the new mentors help with CBAP or ISEB certification?

The new ‘Founder’ Business Analyst Mentors met for the first time last Sunday (13/11/2011). There’s a couple more people who may be joining but this is the main group who will be working with me to help the BA community with their professional development.

It’s an exciting time for me as this will enable me to accelerate progress for Business Analyst Mentor for your benefit.


Before I get on to certification, here’s a quick roll call of the new mentors:

Joan Davis – Joan is from the US (Maine) and has extensive experience as a BA and has recently been focussing on developing her skills as a virtual facilitator. Joan can add a lot with her broad BA experience but her virtual facilitation focus will be extremely valuable when running online professional development activities with you, the community members. Read Joan’s LinkedIn profile


Malcolm Eva – Malcolm is from the UK (Stroud) and has a wealth of experience which is too extensive to summarise here. He was a member of the working party that created the ISEB Business Systems Development Diploma in 2000 which was the basis for the ISEB BA Diploma and has spent many years training BA’s to pass the diploma.  The ISEB BA diploma is the most successful accreditation in the UK for business analysts and (at present) is far more widely recognized than the CBAP or CCBA. Read Malcolm’s LinkedIn profile


Nick de Voil – Nick is from the UK (London) and is an experienced business analyst/consultant with a particular interest in the field of User Experience. He has spoken on this subject at IIBA events and also on Customer Experience at this year’s BA Conference. Read Nick’s LinkedIn profile


Ian Richards – Ian is from the UK (Cardiff, Wales) and has many years of experience as a business analyst and BA career manager, specifically with Fujitsu. He also has very recent experience of passing both the ISEB BA Diploma and acquiring his CBAP accreditation. He described to me how he locked himself away for 3 days to get to grips with the CBAP – it looks like it paid off!. Read Ian’s LinkedIn profile


Of course, Doug Goldberg and Mike Eckersley continue to offer mentoring and will play an active part in this new team.


What does this mean for you?

Our next objective is to make this group available for mentoring. I should have everyone’s biography ready in the next two or three weeks at which point, they will be added to the mentoring service. Mike and Doug still have available slots if you think you might benefit from some mentoring.

After this, we will start considering (and are already discussing) other ways we can help the community, utilising the strengths, experience and knowledge of the team.

Our first project is to tackle the thorny issue of certification. In the UK, we plan to run a virtual webinar to answer these questions:

What are the ISEB BA Diploma and the CBAP and how can I decide which one is best for me?

I hope that we can also do something similar for the rest of the world, focussing on the CBAP.


As ever, I’d love to hear your feedback and, in particular, any specific questions/challenges you have around CBAP and/or ISEB.

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