How I am using your survey results to design a free course

I’ve been very quiet of late which is mainly due to the IIBA UK Business Analysis Conference last week.
I’ll give you a very brief update on the conference and explain my plans for my next training course including a free condensed course available soon.

BA Conference Europe 2010

I have been very busy ensuring my part in the Conference is successful which included marketing and speaking at the conference on behalf of the IIBA.
I worked with the conference speakers and Modern Analyst to deliver a series of articles that reflected the subjects they would be discussing at the conference.

These were my highlights from the conference:
– the conference was run in a very professional manner from registering attendees through to coordinating the speakers and events
(I was proud to be associated with this event)

– the business analysts who attended were very motivated, active participants and very passionate about business analysis

– the standard of speakers was very high whether professional presenters or practitioners sharing a story

– the breadth of the material went from ‘bread and butter’ business analysis work through to less obvious but fascinating subjects such as innovation and facilitative leadership

I particularly enjoyed Suzanne and James Robertsons’s session – How Business Analysts Can Be Innovative When Discovering Requirements – where I discovered the value of innovation in business analysis work. It was a playful, fun session but also practical where I learnt some techniques I could apply immediately to any problem solving challenge. There was laughter in the session which is well overdue in a field which can be far too serious!

Training Plans

On the training front, I have some good news and some bad news.
In  my last post, I told you about my plans to run the Mastering Use Cases course again this year – I have run out of time as a seven week course between now and the start of December is not realistic and will run the next course early in 2011. I hope this isn’t a disappointment to anyone.

The good news, however, is that I have used the results of the survey and some interviews I conducted with you to design a brand new course.
(I ran a survey a couple of months ago to understand the challenges you face)

The new course has been designed to solve some of the common problems including the following:

business stakeholders have too little time

learn how to get stakeholders interested and excited and provide feedback at speed

solution delivered doesn’t match the business expectations

ensure the business and developers share the same ‘picture’ and guarantee this problem is a thing of the past

project has unrealistic timeframes

learn the essential techniques that rapidly drive out the requirements

busy work and life schedule sucks all your time leaving only brief snatches of time for anything else:

the course provides a targeted overview so your time is focussed
you can access the course at any time of day or night and complete over a day, a week or a month

If you’d like to be the first to take this course when it’s ready, click this link to register.

Before I sign off, I’d like to thank those who took out the time to complete the survey.

I’d specifically like to thanks the following people who generously took an hour out of their day to share their own stories:

David Medici, US

Tina Purnat, Sweden

Stuart Mullinger, UK

Lady from US who requested to be anonymous – you know who you are!

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