How to excel in a virtual working environment

I wanted to let you know about something that is of great interest to anyone who works with colleagues in different countries and time zones and struggles with the challenges that builds.

Penny Pullan has pulled together an amazing virtual working summit (series of teleseminars to you and me!) that tackles the different challenges you face when working virtually.

It’s better to let Penny speak for herself:

It’s for anyone who needs to work with colleagues who aren’t in the
room with them. If you want to be even more productive despite the
issues that can come with virtual working, then it’s for you! It
covers trust building, cross-cultural issues, tools (including Bain
and Company’s experiences with various tools) and lots, lots more

I met Penny through the IIBA and collaborated with her on setting up our IIBA branch in the Midlands. She is enthusiastic, hard working and great to work with. She is also an exellent facilitator (I have seen two of her sessions) and this summit will be very professional and a great resource for those of you who are struggling with this (me included).

What’s truly incredible is that she is providing access for FREE!

If you want to benefit, please sign up HERE.

The first session is on 28th June and the sessions are live so sign up now.

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  1. Penny says:

    Alex, Thank you so much for your support. The more people this reaches the better as I know that this can be one of the most tricky and challenging aspects of the way we do projects nowadays. Penny

    • alexpapworth says:

      You're welcome. I know it will be very valuable as it is extremely relevant to all of us now.

      In the future this style of working will only become more widespread so we need to master the tools and understand the issues and I should know – half of my IIBA meeting are using skype conference call as you well know!

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