IIBA UK announce article series from business analysis thought leaders

As president of the UK Chapter of the IIBA, I’d like to announce a partnership with Modern Analyst for a pre Conference series of articles. Recognized experts and thought leaders are providing articles to give a real insight into the benefits of attending the Conference.

The Business Analysis Conference Europe 2010 is building on its highly successful inaugural conference with more workshops and a third track – Business Agility and Business Analysis.
It brings together business analysis specialists from across the globe, providing a platform for promoting the BA profession and opportunities for BAs’ professional development.
The conference runs from 28th to 30th September 2010.

One of our keynote speakers, John Seddon, has contributed a piece on the Systems approach to the design and management of service organisations.

The Telegraph described John as a ‘reluctant management guru’, a description John accepts as his interest is in changing management thinking.

(John Seddon’s key note Conference contribution is described here)

This is John’s article – Systems Thinking: Management by doing the right thing

Ellen Gottesdiener and Allan Kelly who are recognized experts on Agile, share their views on business analysis and Agile from both sides of the pond.

(Ellen Gottesdiener’s Conference contribution is described here)
(Allan Kelly’s Conference contribution is described here)

This is Ellen’s article – Agile requirements: Not an Oxymoron

This is Allan’s article – Objective Agility – what does it take to be an Agile company?

There are more articles in Modern Analyst scheduled over the next few weeks running up to the conference which will include Joe Da Silva talking about the roles of a business analyst (Joe’s conference contribution explores his experience in Enterprise Analysis when his organisation recognized the benefits of using internal business analysts instead of expensive, external consultants).

There will also be an article from Bruce Davis, a freelance ethnographic researcher, who helps companies to explore cultural insights inthe creation of brands, products and services (Read about Bruce’s conference contribution)

Business analysis is now the central discipline for defining creative and agile options for business change and ensuring that solutions meet business needs. The Business Analysis Conference 2010 will provide an interactive forum where business analysts can learn and debate the essential competencies needed to rise to the challenges faced by their organisations today and in the future.

Read more about the Business Analysis Conference Europe 2010 here.

There is a 10% discount available to IIBA members and 15% available to members of the UK Chapter. There is also an additional discount available of up to 25% for group bookings.

You can save £254 (15%) on the whole conference cost by joining the UK Chapter.
It costs less than £90 to join the UK Chapter ($95 to join the IIBA and £25 to join the UK chapter).
This will give you free access to all UK Chapter events with many professional development and networking opportunities

Here are some of the UK Chapter events that have taken place this year:

Personal Impact for Business Analysts – Razza Zar

What business analysts do – Matt Andrews

The BA role in Agile & The role and career path of the business analyst

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This 15% discount is also available to all European IIBA members.

Alternatively, Business Analyst Mentor readers have been offered a 10% discount. You can register here and type in the BAMEN10 discount code into the comments field to save £169 without any further hassle.


If you’re a contractor, you can achieve up to a 25% discount by joining the group that is being coordinated on the LinkedIn European BA Conference group. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

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