Insiders Guide to Core Techniques is now available for FREE!

I promised I was going to make it available for NOTHING and now here it is. Before you click the link and sign up, make me one promise:

You will get the full benefit by contributing to the course community. If you would like to ask a question; share an experience or answer a question posed in the course or by a fellow student, go ahead and do it!

It’s easy, just add a comment to the bottom of the page. And don’t forget to read the contributions by other students.

The previous students said one of the major benefits was being part of a community and sharing experiences.

Now just go ahead and sign up –

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2 Responses to “Insiders Guide to Core Techniques is now available for FREE!”

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  1. Matt says:

    Hello….I ordered 'Guide to Core Techniques' and paid the $19. Can you tell me what to expect. Is it being shipped or is there a link I can access.

    • Alex P says:

      Hi Matt

      I will investigate and get back to you direct by email. You should have a full refund as previously promised


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