JIT BA Coaching due to launch start of July.

The JIT BA Coaching Service has moved from just an idea to a full service thanks to the dedication and support of BA Mentor subscribers.
I’d really like to thank all of those who volunteered to assist with this. The volunteers I selected have dedicated time, deep thought and detailed feedback, walking through a wireframe of the service and answering my probing questions!
As a result, I have commissioned work to deliver the first version of the service. If all goes well, it should be ready for you all at the start of July.
From idea to delivery in less than 2 months – that’s got to be some sort of record!

The volunteers provided the following descriptions of challenges they are facing now:

  • What metrics should you use to measure the success of your BA team?
  • What are the best practices for delivering prototypes regardless of your choice of tool?
  • How do you introduce good business analysis practice to your organisation when the standard approach is to leap to the solution with only a 2 line brief on the problem?

These are some of the real, thorny problems that faced the volunteers. They may well strike a chord with you as well!

These are not the first time these challenges have been faced and some BA community members will have faced these before.
They will have insight coming from experience which they are willing to share to help you address these problems.

This will be where JIT Coaching will be valuable for you.

The JIT Coaching service should mean you won’t have to spend hours on google doing research or ask questions on LinkedIn hoping someone who knows will provide an answer. You won’t have to buy several books or skim through the IIBA library searching for a book which tackles these problems.
And you won’t have to try to make your situation fit the information you found. Or wonder whether you can trust your source of information…
No longer will you need to feel like you’re struggling on your own – other people have faced these problems before and will be able to help you through it.

I strongly believe that every BA has valuable experience and insights they can share with others. It doesn’t matter of you have 2 years or 20 years experience. Your background could be developer, tester, customer contact centre rep, marketing, sales, operations or any other role. Your experience and background gives you a unique insight which others will value.
You certainly won’t be able to coach anyone on anything. But, if you know your own strengths, you can offer to help when a coaching request plays to those strengths.

This service will have an introductory price for several months. I haven’t decided on final figures but it will be at least a 60% reduction on the normal price.

This will be incredibly good value to make it easy for you to try the service without stressing over your investment.
I’m not going to lie – it won’t be perfect – that’s one of the reasons it is an introductory price. However, I will be looking for continuous feedback so that I can rapidly introduce improvements.

I will also keep the numbers limited during this introductory period.

This service will work best when we have lots of BA’s offering coaching. So I will be offering the best deal to those who are willing to offer coaching on occasion (you choose exactly which coaching requests you’d like to respond to).

If you’d like to be the first to be notified when the service is launched to guarantee you’ll be part of the introductory deal, please register here (no payment or credit card details required).

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