Mike Eckersley

UK BA Mentor.

Mike EckersleyI’ve known Mike for over two years as we have served on the board of the UK Chapter of the IIBA together. Mike is what you might call a life long learner. He has consistently amazed me that he seemed to have read the books of all the speakers at IIBA events and the UK BA Conference.

To say he is passionate and knowledgeable about all aspects of business analysis is an understatement. He can’t help but educate himself on the latest thinking on business analysis – I would say it is an addiction! His long experience gives him the necessary depth and grounding to not just accept the latest fad but run it though his ‘filter’ to take on board the good stuff and throw away the rubbish.

Mike is a seasoned Business Analyst and “Systems Thinking” enthusiast, with over 30 years broad based experience across multiple industries, including Finance, IT, Real Estate, Construction, and Government. He spent the first part of his career in Retail Banking, specialising in Credit Risk & Product Management, and was heavily involved in numerous change initiatives, before moving into the Information Systems domain in the early 90’s. Since then he has worked predominantly as a Business & Systems Analyst managing change at the interface between the Business & IT domains.
With a strong focus on critical analysis, and a particular interest in identifying the linkages & integration points between Industry Standard Frameworks & Methods, he enjoys translating complex technology concepts into formats that both business and technical people can readily understand. Mike is a Chartered Engineer, holds a 1st Class Honours degree in Computing & Psychology, and a post graduate qualification in Decision Science & Data Mining. His professional qualifications include Business Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Project Management, and Finance.

When Mike served on the IIBA UK Board he (amongst other things) set up a slideshare channel and managed the recording of UK Chapter events (UK slideshare ‘channel’ some with audio and video!).

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