My thoughts on the UK Certification Event

The UK BA Certification event ran on the 28th March. It didn’t run entirely without a hitch but it went pretty well. Joe Dasilva was hosting and was involved in a car accident on the way home. Fortunately, it wasn’t serious and he did manage to dial in.

All the recordings are available here.

For those who are not from the UK and not interested in the ISEB, there’s still plenty of useful tips on the CCBA and CBAP.
Suzanne Bertschi, the IIBA Certification product manager, talks about the certifications and the process.
Nick de Voil advises on how to tackle the CBAP taken from interviewing several different CBAP’s.
If you’re working in the UK and still wondering which Certification is right for you and, just as importantly, how to get it on a cost effective basis on your (time) terms, the Certification Consultation Service is designed to help you.

Find out more about the Certification Consultation Service here.

Many people have also signed up to the Certification Community Site.
This is an independent, one stop shop for BA’s considering Certification. It will have a guide to the Certifications, FAQ’s, forums as well as a recording of the webinar. It will be fully set up over the next couple of weeks.

This is also your opportunity to start or find a study group and ask any of your burning questions. Why not see if there are any like-minded souls who want to swap notes on training providers or other key questions?
Alternatively, you could just register and receive email updates if you want to keep in up to date.

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