Professional Development Mentoring Programme

Would you like to boost your BA skill-set and transform your success on the job?

Are you striving to be seen as a ‘top tier’ BA so you can get the best BA positions?

Would you like?

  • Personalised guidance on the most relevant skills for you
  • On the job advice on how to tackle your BA tasks
  • Access to a trusted, expert BA that knows you and your job challenges
  • Feedback on your work and how to improve

You may have considered training courses but they aren’t a perfect match for your needs. Most training courses cost $1,000’s rather than $100’s.
Do you struggle to justify committing your hard-earned money or the company training budget on a compromise?

This programme could be what you’ve been looking for…

You will get:

  • Regular access to an experienced business analyst (see the guys on the right)
  • Meet once a month, once a week… it’s up to you (must be at least once a month)
  • You have full controlover your mentoring objectives which could include but is not limited to the following:
    • ask for guidance on planning your BA tasks
    • prepare for you next BA activity and ask for tips (could include some suggested reading)
    • share the results of a BA activity and receive advice on how you could improve

There’s no long term commitment. You can end the mentoring programme as soon as you stop getting any benefit.

So, how much does it cost?

The programme costs US$120 or £75 per month (based on one session per month).

This is a lot less than any training programme out there.

Still not sure?

Not to worry – the first ‘taster’ session is free and there is no commitment.
At the end of your taster session, you and your mentor will decide whether you can and should work together.

So who are the mentors?

Doug, Mike, Joan, Nick, Malcolm and Tom are the mentors. I have personally selected them based on their commitment to business analysis and level of knowledge. They all  get a real kick from helping business analysts knock down the barriers to achieve excellence. Read their profiles on the right for more on their background.

And why aren’t you doing the mentoring?

I am a big believer in tapping into the knowledge and experience of the community. I believe a group of people can always achieve much more than a single individual. We (me, the mentors and other community members) talk on a regular basis so we can both help each other (and you) out and are always looking for new ways to help you.

I’m passionate about building this community of mentors to help you. I am committed to building and supporting the mentoring service by finding out what you want.

I also need to find the best new mentors and give them the tools they need to give you the best service.
I believe you get the best return on my time if I devote myself to building the community and the mentoring service and leave the one to one mentoring to these guys.

So how do I get started?

Fill in the details below and I will send you the guide to the Professional Development Mentoring Programme.

One of the mentors will then get in touch to schedule your first taster session.

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  1. Harsha says:

    Hi Team, I worked in Equities Operations for 10 years in an Investment Bank and have now recently joined a new firm as a Business Analyst. I am looking for a mentor who can guide me during this time through the agile projects that I am working on. At the moment, I am sitting with the Developers and the Product Owner and they are easily conversing about requirements and I sit clueless in the meetings without having the Product Knowledge, System Knowlege or the Agile BA tools and techniques. Pls help

  2. ghadir says:

    Is the mentorship still running? i can’t find the application to fill ?!

    • Alex Papworth says:

      Hi Ghadir

      it is not running but I do make occasional exceptions. Please email me directly with your goal for mentoring if you want to know more


  3. Sabrina G says:

    Please send me information about the online course.

  4. Madhura says:


    I am starting my first BA contract soon.
    I want to know if the ‘mentoring’ service is still available?

    I would like to have a mentor on my side, to work through my first assignment.
    Please let me know!


  5. mohammed says:

    Hi im a novoice ba with the ISEB BA diploma under my belt and looking for a mentor in the uk to help me carry out my 2nd project within a contract enviroment. Im from the UK and if theres a mentor free to discuss ways to move forward please contact me on 07833086684 or email me at

    Kind Regards
    Mohammed Islam


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