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Are you losing sleep over requirements and change requests?

If your company isn’t as successful in delivering software as you would like it to be or if issues with the quality of your requirements and the number of change requests you receive are keeping you awake at night then you might be considering employing a business analyst. You might already have inexperienced business analysts who aren’t doing the job effectively and you are wondering how to get the most out of them.

We can help you to develop an effective business analyst team and ensure that their activity delivers return on investment…
We do this by equipping them with the right skill set and by giving them access to proven practices normally only available to multinational corporations with huge budgets.
“We’ve implemented new processes at Alex’s suggestion and our way of working is now much more streamlined. Our customers have fed back that we are much more productive, our work is higher quality, and we get things right first time. As well as this, we are achieving much better profit margins”

Get your requirements right from the start and everything else will follow.

Requirements are everything in software development. If you don’t fully understand the challenges that your end users or customers want to overcome and the requirements are wrong from the outset, then it doesn’t matter how skilled your developers are, the end product won’t do the job and you’ll be left with unhappy customers and a sense of deep frustration.

“We have a team of very talented developers, who were working really hard, but because the specifications were bad in the first place, it didn’t matter how good they were or how hard they were working; they were never getting any good feedback from our customers.”

This is where the Business Analyst is crucial, acting as a bridge between your development team and your end users or clients: ensuring that requirements are correctly interpreted and defined in detail, stating clearly and unambiguously what the customer needs to resolve their problems and working with the development team to define exactly what the solution should look like.

The challenge is that experienced Business Analysts don’t come cheap, and more often than not for a growing business, this means recruiting an inexperienced analyst or using an in-house resource to fulfil the role. This can create as many problems as it solves, so it’s important that your Business Analyst team have the skills and tools that they need to be able to do the job effectively from the start.

Get their training wrong and you could be faced with the financial impact of change request after change request and delayed sign-off…

In the worst case scenario, the all-important relationship with your customers could be damaged, and you’ll be left doubly frustrated; you’ve invested in Business Analysis capabilities but things aren’t working as you’d hoped or expected.

Even if you have a well-established Business Analyst team, it can be difficult to give your junior team members the level of support and training that they need to develop in their role. Understandably, you might not want to expose your clients to these inexperienced team members, but this can leave your junior analysts isolated, disenchanted, and feeling like they have limited opportunities for advancement.

Get on the fast track to business analysis success…

We offer customized training and mentoring for your Business Analyst team, rapidly identifying opportunities for improvement in your people and processes and enabling you to raise the effectiveness of your Business Analyst activity in a very short period.

By working with Business Analyst Mentor, you will have access to practices common to multinational corporations with huge budgets and proven by decades of experience…

Your Business Analysts will be able to adopt best practice techniques that allow rapid requirement discovery, deliver complete and accurate requirements through traceability and business and system modelling and build effective relationships with customers.

We’ll work with you to generate a development roadmap that fits with your timescales, budgets and needs, and allows you to turn Business Analysis from a box ticking exercise to a value generating activity.

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