The insider’s guide… to business analysis free eLearning – some lessons learnt

The Insider’s Guide to Core techniques for successful business analysis was a great success.
However, it was an experiment and there are a number of lessons that I have learnt that I want to fix before I make it available again.
The number one lesson was that it should be an on demand, self study course so you can start and complete the course at your pace.

I used a platform that made it a scheduled course which imposed a number of restrictions, one of which limited the class size. I had three classes of sixty even though the demand was far greater.

I’ve commissioned some work on a new free course that will support the on demand, self study mode. I’m also having this website redeveloped to make it more intuitive to navigate and to structure the information better. Watch this space for more announcements…

I had some great feedback from the students as well which reflected one of the greatest benefits which was the amount interaction and engagement of the students. This wasn’t universal but that’s the same as with any class room.

I had a ton of positive feedback (and some constructive suggestions for improvement) including:

Ken Parsonage – This course is extremely beneficial to anyone wishing to put into context the key techniques that a business analyst needs to master in order to work effectively. It provides a solid platform from which to take your education further. The fact that it is free amazes me!

Tony Cundiff – Excellent Alex! The clarity and brevity complemented each other very well. The view from “30,000 ft” was targeted and delivered in an exceptional manner. Thanx for your dedication to your students and the BA profession.

Graham Brien – Being fairly new to the world of Business Analysis this course has been extremely valuable in giving me the real world insight in applying the techniques I have learned doing the ISEB Diploma and has certainly taught me how valuble networking is as i met Alex at an IIBA event, if I hadn’t I would never have known about this course. Thanks Alex.

Joseph Molloy – Alex, thank you very much for sharing this free course. I found it stimulating and a source of much needed clarification. I will be adding a fuller input to the feedback sheet.

Some common themes in the feedback were:

– more visual elements would be good

– a case study and some worked examples would really be beneficial

– a PDF version of the course to take away as a reference

I will be introducing some of these new elements to a paid version of the course which I still plan to price very competitively so it is accessible to most budgets.

I have some more plans in the pipeline to announce on the mentoring front. I shall be changing direction but believe you will benefit considerably. I am having discussions with several prominent people in the business analysis field at the moment and will make an announcement when it is finalised.

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  1. Sudhi says:

    I would like to attend this event Alex…Pls let me know where to register…Thanks a ton!!


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