The next (Agile) business analyst mentor steps up…

I’ve had a number of takers for Ana’s kind offer of mentoring.

I’d now like to share with you another mentor who has quite a different set of interests to Ana.

I’ve know Pete Cohen for over 4 years through partaking in my various initiatives – his open style, passion and commitment has been constant throughout. I would recommend him very highly as a mentor.

Pete’s profile from the community is brief and to the point:

Agile BA from Melbourne, Australia. Currently working in mobile development. Looking forward to sharing experiences with people from the community.

So what sort of BA is Pete hoping to help?

Type of coaching: BAs getting started with Agile.

Experience: Ideally at least one year experience as a BA. No Agile experience necessary.

Period: 2 times per month, review progress at 3 months.

Pre-requistes: Mentee must be able to meet on Skype 7pm-8pm GMT or between 9am-11am GMT so as to have a compatible time with Melbourne, Australia.

Do you think this could be you?

If so, please provide your details here.

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