The six essential steps to deliver your first use case model – Free webinar

I have a couple of items to announce today.

Firstly, the early bird discount for my course will be withdrawn this weekend. This means the price will increase from $390 to $450 as the discount is changed from 35% to 25%.

It’s still incredible value given that you will walk away with many benefits including:
– understand how to guarantee stakeholders to give you their time

– score a win win from your stakeholder workshops

– deep understanding of why the techniques work

– master the techniques necessary to deliver professional use case models

– be successful by engaging stakeholders through building prototypes

– boost your confidence by drawing on the inside knowledge of successful business analysts

There are a few places left but, if you’re keen to get the best deal then you need to commit by the end of this weekend.

Remember there is no risk to you as I guarantee to refund the full amount if you change your mind at any time during the course.

Press the button below to put down your $100 deposit.

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Secondly, I’d like to give you an insider’s view of the forthcoming course – Mastering use cases and the opportunity to ask questions.

I am running a live webinar on 4th May at 6pm called – The six essential steps to deliver your first use case model.
This is a high level view of the steps I follow every time I deliver a use case model.

Just to be clear, this is exactly the process I follow for all projects and for all companies. I have been successful following these steps so I know they will work for you too.

If you don’t believe this would work for you, dial into the webinar, and challenge me with your specific problems.

In this webinar, we will examine each step in the process to create a use case model. You will understand the purpose of each step and the benefit it provides to you.

The steps I will describe are:

  1. Identify stakeholders
  2. Identify source materials
  3. Define actors
  4. Define high level use case model
  5. Agree high level use case model with stakeholders
  6. Define detailed use case model

Please sign up for the webinar on 4th May at 6pm (EST) below:

(if you’re reading this on email, you probably can’t see the sign in form, in which case, click here)

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