Three free courses sell out in days – almost 180 students signed up!


Update: This course is still free but you have to sign up here.


I wrote back in October about a free course I was developing from the lessons I had learnt from my survey.

I’ve now finished and launched this course just before Christmas. You will have already heard about it if you have downloaded one of my free eBooks in the past or indicated your interest to get advance notice.
I was quietly confident that there would be strong demand but I didn’t expect takeup to be so strong. The first course with 60 places was full within 6 hours!
I have subsequently opened two more courses and the final one will be filling up as you read this. I’m afraid it may already be full.

The new course has been designed to solve some of the common problems including the following:

– business stakeholders have too little time

learn how to get stakeholders interested and excited and provide feedback at speed

– solution delivered doesn’t match the business expectations

ensure the business and developers share the same ‘picture’ and guarantee this problem is a thing of the past

– project has unrealistic timeframes

learn the essential techniques that rapidly drive out the requirements

busy work and life schedule sucks all your time leaving only brief snatches of time for anything else:

the course provides a targeted overview so your time is focussed
you can access the course at any time of day or night

You will also learn how applying best practice techniques will build better stakeholder relationships and deliver a massive boost in attention and quality feedback.

In particular, you will discover how use case modeling, prototyping and carefully planned and executed workshops in combination will deliver the results you need

The course will be online, from 17th January for 10 to 12 days.

It will be ‘drip fed’ over that period (new step becomes available via email every one or two days) but you can read the material as soon as it becomes available at a time to suit you

The course is deliberately short and focused and requires some input from you but nothing significant.

I am using a training platform called ruzuku to deliver this.
As it’s an alpha version, there will be the occasional problem.
In particular, when you sign up to the course and it is full, you will get an error message saying ‘There is a problem’ rather than an explanatory message.
I’m very happy with ruzuku as I think it is simple, effective and clear. No doubt there are some niggles that will need to get ironed out but I am confident the guys at ruzuku will get them sorted.
Unfortunately, there will be many disappointed people. I’m not running any more free courses in the near future as this will keep me very busy as it is!
I will be looking at running this again in a couple of months but only when I have seen how well this session has worked.
I will revise the course and also consider whether I will need to start charging for the course.
If you have any comments on any of this or additional requests, please add a comment below.

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  1. Good info. Lucky me I came across your website by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book-marked it forr later!

  2. Dan says:


    Are you going to have any new courses available? I am a JR BA currently and am always needing to learn more in this career.

    Let me know. Thanks,


  3. james says:

    I am planning to get BA. This would really help me a lot of changing or perhaps switching another career. Please give me details about this free course..


  4. Rav says:

    Hi Alex,

    I am looking for a career change. How do I access this course?


  5. alvin says:

    Dear Craig

    I am wishing to become a BA could you help me as my finances for training are very low as i am currently unemployed. Please help.



    • alexpapworth says:

      Hi Alvin

      Craig has comments but is not the owner of this site. im not sure whT you are looking for. Thiscourse IS free!


      • alvin says:

        Hi Alex

        I am looking for a foundation training course to get me started on a career path to becoming a business analyst. I have just bought the business analysis 2nd edition book by Debra Paul et al and reading but wondering if reading is enough as i understand i need some technical skills training as well. I suppose i really need a mentor who can guide me on a chosen career path. I am in contact with SFIA and BCS and will be doing some open university PM courses over the holidays but i really need a BA Career path which outlines the necessary skills and qualifications at each step of the way.

        I hope i am not asking too much.



  6. ranjith says:

    hi, Alex can you please give me a chance to attend the courses, i am interested to learn but i missed out the dead line date. Awaiting for your reply

  7. craig says:

    Hi Alex

    Given the popularity of this course (and it's free-ness) is there any chance of sharing it across to an Australian?

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