Tom Karasmanis

Canadian BA Mentor.

Tom KarasmanisTom is the Product Owner for the IIBA’s “Being a BA – Technical Excellence” and “Vendor Showcase” webinar series. Previously he was the IIBA’s Chief Architect. An experienced business architect and enterprise analyst, he has a track record of many years building and managing Business Analysis practices. He is one of the authors of the IIBA’s competency model (versions 1 and 3), and has a varied background in several industry sectors including financial services, healthcare and publishing.

Originally a software engineer, Tom first got into business analysis because he was the only one of his peers who actually enjoyed doing requirements analysis! As the profession matured and grew in recognition, he realised that he had found his ideal career. He retains an interest in technical architecture and enjoys the process of defining solutions to requirements.

Tom has taught business analysis at the college level, as well as being an experienced conference speaker and workshop facilitator.

Tom is a keen amateur photographer and lives in the Toronto area with his wife and young daughter

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