Two excellent value CBAP tools – 30% discount until end of July

Many of you will be struggling with the CBAP application or considering applying but are concerned about the time commitment. The application process seems impenetrable for good reason – if anyone could apply and pass, the qualification would lose all its value.
Linda Erzah has been developing a range of products to help the BA community pass the CBAP, including the application process.

I have been following her and collaborating occasionally since I met her through my blog two years ago.

I have not applied for the CBAP but it’s on my to do list and will gladly invest in Linda’s products to accelerate my progress because my time is too valuable to waste.

This is why I was pleased when Linda recently contacted me to offer a 30% discount on two of her products:

Application worksheet

your challenge: when you complete the application, you don’t know which hours will be approved, which rejected and how they will be computed
– with the worksheet, you can quickly see how overall project hours will compare against true BA tasks
– know if you will be eligible for CBAP before applying (and wasting your money)
– save your time by using theworksheet to organize your information

discounted by 30% from $19.99 to $14 until the end of July only (if you use the promo code – BAMentorJuly2010)


your challenge: CBAP application is part applying logic and part memorization
– run these eFlashcard drills until you know the answers by heart

discounted by 30% from $23.95 to $16.77 until the end of July only (if you use the promo code – BAMentorJuly2010)

You can take control of your CBAP application, invest less time and maximize your chances of success with these products.

Remember these discounts are only available until the end of July

To take advantage of these discounts, click on this link and use the promo code of BAMentorJuly2010 to apply the 30% discount.

Apply now before you forget and lose the discount.

You should know that I will be compensated for any purchase you make after reading this post.

There’s a couple of things I would say on this:

  • your confidence in me is my number one priority so I don’t recommend anything unless I know the product is good
  • I have absolute confidence Linda – her track record and my personal experience gives me that confidence

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