User-centred analysis could mean better, cheaper systems – and more fun

Business analysts can deliver better, cheaper systems – and have more fun – by adopting user-centred techniques. That’s the message from Nick De Voil, one of the speakers at the Business Analysis Conference later this month.

West London-based De Voil has been working in the industry for more than 25 years, mainly on large public sector and financial sector projects. His consultancy now focuses on putting businesses onto the web – and he has become passionate about the importance of user involvement.

In a new podcast interview with Judy Rees, he explains how analysts who use only traditional, mechanistic approaches may be missing a trick. To achieve the best possible results – while saving time and money – they need to find ways to engage people and get them fully involved, using newer approaches from the world of Human-Computer Interaction.

Nick also explores why this much-needed change might prove to be a challenge for expert analysts, developers and designers.

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