Using your business analyst skills to give something back…

I was speaking to Pete Cohen (an Agile BA, passionate coach and active community member) a few months back about mentoring and my reason for getting involved. One of my drivers to get involved in a new project is to see real value in what I am doing. Creating a platform for mentors to meet mentees feels like a project which has real value which is why I started Become a Brilliant BA and other initiatives.

Pete recognized this and suggested that I get involved in an initiative called Random Hacks of Kindness. He thought my skills, especially around helping a group deliver results and applying the principles of Lean Startup would be benefical.

Some of you will have heard of hackathons – this is where a group of technically minded people get together to deliver solutions over a short period of time – usually a weekend.
Random Hacks of Kindness is targetted at solving problems which are presented by not for profits or charitable organisations.

So, this post is to announce the nearest event in my part of the world – it is taking place on 7th/8th December in Southampton.

If you want to join me and attend, you can register here.

You can either:

i) register a problem where you need a solution


ii) help provide a solution (and you don’t need to be an uber-coder).
I’m not planning to do any coding (that would be a disaster!) just help the group to organise itself and find a solution.

You can read more about Random Hacks of Kindness here.

If this sounds like it might be for you, register here or get more insight into the event itself.

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  1. Sounds like a great initiative, I’ll come down if down South at the time!

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