Webinar was ‘more like a best practice approach to business analysis’

Thanks to those of you who attended Tuesday night’s webinar (it was night for me anyway!) on The six essential steps to delivering your first use case model.

The technology worked well and, judging by the positive reactions, everyone benefited from the webinar.

There were a number of questions and I was able to respond to all of them so I believe everyone came away with something.

I have had a number of email responses and I thought I would include them here:

Kirk Clarke from the UK said:

That was a good webinar, it actually shaped more like a best practice approach to Business Analysis with Use Cases as a key component.

(I have to admit that Kirk is taking my (paid) mentoring service so he’s already converted!)

Pete Cohen from Australia enjoyed it well enough that he has signed up for the course:

Thanks for the webinar yesterday – I liked the format and feel that it could be a great way to learn.

I tried doing some project management training using the SkillSoft software which was OK, but the lack of interaction with anyone made it hard to stay engaged.

I’m currently enrolled in a Grad Certificate in Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, and despite being in a classroom I’m still not feeling like there is enough interaction – my honest opinion is because the majority of the students aren’t all that engaged with the topic.

Based on my experience yesterday I feel like I will be really able to learn a lot from you – so looking forward to it!!

Tony Cundiff from the US has been reading my blog for a while and shared somthing of his story in an email:

Thank you for a very informative seminar.  I also appreciate your answers to the various questions submitted.  Hopefully, I will be able to afford your course sometime in the future.  I have been studying everything I can find on the net relating to UML, Use Cases, and Agile methodologies for approximately the past 7 – 8 months, or more.  Yet, to hear someone explain the process from a practical standpoint was enlightening.  Your experience and expertise were represented most effectively in your presentation.  Thanks for the wealth of information on your website as well.  (btw, I have been playing around with ArgoUML for approximately 7 months –  and was pleased to hear your endorsement, if you will, of the program)

I briefly explained the concept I’m working on in response to an email I received from you in November of 2009 regarding the design and structuring of your course.  My original goal in beginning these studies was to find an effective method of conveying this concept to a programmer(s) in a manner that they could use to develop this program for me in return for a percentage of the ultimate profits (if any) upon completion.  I owned a residential remodeling company for 14 years and I know that this concept will be extremely beneficial for both homeowners and contractors.

I instinctively understood that if I did not know how to convey this concept in a manner that was conducive to a programmer(s) being able to grasp it clearly –  I was running the risk of having them give me what they think I need rather than what I’m actually seeking.  So, in order to do this I began weeding through various methods – searching and studying everything I could find on the best way to take Business Processes and translate them into a platform that is conducive to software development.

To make a long story short.  In the process of researching and studying I have become enthralled with the idea of becoming a business analyst myself.  I’m naturally a systems thinker.  I guess you could say that I kind of think in patterns.  Anyway, my apologies for such a lengthy email.  I will be eagerly following you online and I look forward to another webinar in the future.  Many thanx, once again!

The Mastering Use Cases course will be closing to students in the next few days as it starts on 17th May.

If you’re interest I recommend you commit now by clicking this link as I have not decided when I will run the course again.

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