Where next for the ambitious BA?

It’s a question we all face and, in the time I’ve been a BA, it hasn’t got any easier to answer.

What are the options for a business analyst and how do you ensure your prepared for promotion?

How do  you create opportunities and guarantee your career progression?

Fortunately, Laura Brandenburg has been working hard on answering this question in collaboration with Adriana Beale.
Laura has been writing a very successful blog for business analysts at Bridging the Gap for some time.
She has turned her attention to addressing the career challenges of BA’s with, firstly, How to start a business analyst career and is in the final throes of editing her new project The promotable business analyst.

I have worked with Adriana before as she has provided one of the more popular articles on BA Mentor (Becoming a business analyst – assessing your competency gap). She is very committed to helping the BA profession with her articles and training/mentoring that she provides.

I have worked with Laura in a Study Group last year where her guidance on prototyping was very well received. I have spoken to her on many occasions on many subjects related to business analysis and her current and forthcoming projects. I have been very impressed with her commitment to supporting BA’s and with her first book on entering the BA profession.

I have personally contributed to The promotable business analyst and am looking forward to a preview version in the next few weeks.

I will let you know my thoughts but I am expecting it to be a very valuable resource for the BA.

If you are genuinely committed to taking control of your career, you must act now and sign up to the early bird list.

You will get a free copy of  ‘3 Habits of Successful Business Analysts’ as well as notice of a special one time only discounted price that will only be available in the first launch week.

Click here for all the details

You should know that I will be compensated for any purchase you make after reading this post.

There’s a couple of things I would say on this:

  • your confidence in me is my number one priority so I don’t recommend anything until I know that you will benefit from this book
  • I have absolute confidence in the quality and commitment of Laura and Adriana – their track record and my personal experience gives me that confidence

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