Why 2010 will be different

2009 has been a significant year for me. I plan to make 2010 a significant year for some of you and for me.
I will explain what I have been up to in 2009 and why I have been quiet on the blog (shame on me!).

Next week, I will explain how I plan to help you in 2010.

2009 has been an education

I’ve been learning in 2009.

I’ve learnt about the challenges faced by you in professional development through:

  • your comments
  • your emails
  • the BA study group formed by Dave Maynard
  • providing free mentoring for three months
  • talking to the test students I have invited to help with developing my own use case modeling course – Mastering use cases (working title)

What is business analysis mentoring?

I’ve also learnt about how I can mentor business analysts and, specifically, how to deliver this remotely and cost effectively using the internet through:

  • free mentoring
  • working with Doug Goldberg, Laura Brandau, Linda Erzah in the BA Study group formed by David Maynard
  • voracious reading and training on eLearning
  • developing my own course to help BA’s master use case modeling.This isn’t ready yet but if you’d like to get at the front of the waiting list and receive updates including sample lessons, please sign up below. By the way, I will only contact you in relation to this and will not pass your email on to any others

Finally, a big thanks to all of you for reading my blog, downloading my ebook, emailing me and generally demonstrating that you’re interested in what I have to share.

Another thank you to my wife (Sophie) and daughter (Olivia) for putting up my with my frequent lack of attention when working on or thinking about Business Analyst Mentor 🙂

Next week, I’ll explain how Business Analyst Mentor will be able to help you even more in 2010.

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