Why my suffering can be a good thing!

Soe of you will recall that I posted a month ago on my marathon (and then some!) charity walking challenge.

My challenge is to walk part of Hadrian’s Way in a single day which will be 50 miles in one day.

Time has passed quickly and I will be up and walking by 7:30am this Saturday. I hope to be nearly done by 9:30pm but, realistically, I could still be hobbling away for another hour or two, in the darkness.

What has encouraged this madness you ask?

It’s all in aid of a local, independent school which supports children with cerebral palsy. My connection is through my daughter, Olivia, whose classmate Jaspar attends this school as well as two days a week at her school.

Jaspar and Olivia are great friends which is a joy to see so it is my pleasure to help support this school in a small way.

I would be extremely grateful if you would help out by donating to this event here.

If you have got any value out of my blog at all, think of it as a way of paying me back.

On a separate note, the first class of my Mastering Use Cases course has now completed.

I’ll be posting my own ‘post course’ review next week, helped out some of the students.

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  1. Rebecca Nord says:

    Good luck on your walk, Alex!

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