How Business Analyst Mentor can become an expert in all aspects of BA – Part 1

Part 1 – the vision I want Business Analyst mentor to be much, much smarter. I want it to help more people in achieving their professional development goals as business analysts. Business analysis is a broad skill set with many different niches and specialties. The expectations and scope of the role varies by company, industry […] Read more »

Hear a mentee share his experiences

Pete Cohen has kindly agreed to be interviewed to share his experiences of mentoring. Pete lives in Melbourne, Australia and I first met him when he attended my first Mastering Use Cases course. In this interview, he tells me how he finds mentoring helps his confidence and credibility within his organisation. He also explains how […] Read more »

What’s in a name? Is it essential to have the Business Analyst job title?

Recently, I met the attendees of an ISEB training course (ISEB is an international BA certification for BA’s – to talk about the Professional Development Mentoring programme (read about the programme here – and get some market feedback. (they were attending a course run by Metadata Training – they are a training provider […] Read more »

Why everyone should have a mentor

I’ve written the following article for BA Connections, the IIBA newsletter. It’s coming out in June but I wanted to give you a sneak preview: In this article, I’d like to explain why I think mentoring can be so valuable in helping you through the professional development minefield. I will share a story to illustrate […] Read more »

It Didn’t Start Out This Way. One minute I was…..

….minding my own business and the next I had become a mentor. Hello, my name is Doug Goldberg and Alex has asked that I start blogging on his site about something I’m passionate about – preferably revolving around business analysis. He didn’t exactly say what I should be passionate about though. Fortunately for him, I […] Read more »