FREE white paper – Demystifying use cases – is here

This is just a quick post to let you know I have finished my white paper – Demystifying Use Cases.

Demystifying use cases

Let friends and colleagues who would be interested know about it – I want lots of feedback to see how it can be improved.

What’s it about?


Fill out your name and email address below and press the Submit button if you would like me to send you the white paper:

Once you have read it, give me your feedback, both good and bad below.

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  1. alexpapworth says:

    Thanks Felicia – I'm glad you found it useful. It's good practice for a BA to really focus on your stakeholder needs. If you consider each stakeholder's area of interest and involve them in a way which reflects this, you will get much betetr engagement and can be more confident that the use case model is correct and complete.
    Conversely, if you treat the stakeholders as a group and don't differentiate between them, their engagement will be poorer.

  2. Hello Alex, Geat white paper! I am a beginning BA and I learned valuable info. Particulary, how to use the correct level of use case detail for different types of stakeholders.

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