Mastering Use Cases Flexible E-Learning

Are you a business analyst involved in delivering IT systems?

Would you like to:

  • work smarter and deliver results in less time?
  • give yourself a competitive edge in the job market by mastering the ‘in demand’ techniques of use case modeling, prototyping and workshop design?
  • Master a proven process that can be adapted and applied immediately on any project at hand?
  • Enhance your professional reputation by joining the exclusive Business Analyst Mentor Alumni site – available only to graduates of this course?

Now you can.

With ‘Mastering Use Cases E-Learning’ course you can tap into the 10 years worth of business analysis expertise I’ve acquired working as a freelance consultant for companies like Lloyds Banking Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Sky, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

‘Mastering Use Cases E-Learning’ is a flexible course, combining self-study, e-learning and e-mentoring to quickly master the use case process and techniques.

  • 24/7 access to all course material hosted on an easy-to-use e-learning platform
  • 5 modules in a handy ‘download and keep’ PDF format
  • 5 assignments which I will read and provide personal feedback on
  • 24/7 access to a course forum where you can ask me questions and benefit from discussions with other course participants
  • 6 month’s access so you can complete the course at your own pace in an intensive two weeks, leisurely 4 months or anything imbetween

(Download the course outline here)

But that’s not all. Unlike many other use cases courses, ‘Mastering Use Cases E-Learning’ is focused first and foremost on the practical implementation of the acquired skills. From day one, I want you to come out with the hands-on ability to immediately use what you have learned in your everyday professional life.

Here are only some of the practical skills you will take away from this course:

  • learn to rapidly identify the stakeholders’ ‘real’ issues and requirements
  • deliver a solution that delights your stakeholders
  • acquire a deep understanding of how to apply these techniques in a single process

What is more, to help you immediately put your newly-acquired knowledge into practical use, you will:

  • be encouraged to work on a case study based on a real-life project you may currently be working on
  • get take-away, ready to use, use case templates and other job aids you can immediately put into use

With all this value – and equivalent classroom-based courses costing up to $1895.00 for 3-days training – you may be wondering how much you will have to pay for this training.

You’re in for a surprise. ‘Mastering Use Cases E-Learning’ with:

  • ability to post unlimited number of questions directly to your trainer via the course forum
  • hands-on, practical training, immediately applied to your needs through a case study of your choice
  • ready to use ‘take aways’ in the form of downloadable PDFs, use case templates and job aids

costs only $497

Still not convinced?

I am fully confident that the value of the course far exceeds it’s price, yet I also understand that some of you might not be sure whether this course is right for you at this time.
This is why, I am offering you a full money back guarantee for the whole first month of the course.

Money Back Guarantee

Yes, you understood that right

If at any stage during the first month of access to the course, you decide that you are not happy with your purchase, I will refund you your money, only asking you to tell me what you didn’t like so that I can improve the course for other students.