Tips to Start Up Fast on a Project

Summary In this article I discuss my experiences of the circumstances and reasons that lead to a business analyst joining a project some time after an upgrade or extension project was started. The project has usually stalled to some degree as a result of the technical team being unable to continue with certainty. They will […] Read more »

How do you know when you are doing enterprise analysis?

Enterprise Analysis puts the Business Analyst in a strategic role, a frame of reference that we BA’s are uniquely qualified for but rarely engaged in.  We aren’t usually assigned to interpret business strategies at an organizational level, but when it does happen our work gives context to the plan for requirements gathering and solution definition.  […] Read more »

Hear a mentee share his experiences

Pete Cohen has kindly agreed to be interviewed to share his experiences of mentoring. Pete lives in Melbourne, Australia and I first met him when he attended my first Mastering Use Cases course. In this interview, he tells me how he finds mentoring helps his confidence and credibility within his organisation. He also explains how […] Read more »

My life as a Business analyst revealed!

I was recently interviewed by Michiel Erasmus who has a regular podcast on subjects related to business analysis. He is fairly new to the field and passionate about developing his knowledge and shares it with the rest of us with his podcast. The interview was wide ranging from my experience as a business analyst, mentoring […] Read more »

Business Analyst Mentor starts mentoring!

You may have noticed the absence of any instructional articles in the last couple of weeks. I apologise for this but I’ve been establishing a mentoring service which I’m now trialling. Service should return to normal soon 😉 I was contacted by an aspiring business analyst a couple of weeks ago asking for assistance in […] Read more »

Listen carefully, I shall say this only once

I was attending a workshop recently which reminded me of one of the key skills of the good business analyst. This is the art of listening. In this workshop, there were many stakeholders and many experts with either business or technical expertise. The stakeholders attending were from a variety of different European countries so it […] Read more »

Thoughts on adaptability

I have been  pondering recently on the importance of adaptability for a business analyst. Definition of adaptability It seems to me that adaptability is a key skill of a business analyst because no two projects are alike. It’s not possible to apply a template approach to every project situation with which you are confronted. However, I looked […] Read more »

The customer or subject matter expert (SME) is always right

  The SME can either be the cause of success or failure for a business analyst so they must be handled very carefully. In this article, I’ll introduce a certain type of SME who is passionate and loves to dive into the detail. I’ll also explain how this was beneficial but needed to be managed on a recent project […] Read more »