Tips to Start Up Fast on a Project

Summary In this article I discuss my experiences of the circumstances and reasons that lead to a business analyst joining a project some time after an upgrade or extension project was started. The project has usually stalled to some degree as a result of the technical team being unable to continue with certainty. They will […] Read more »

Look out for the new mentors ‘top tips’ on LinkedIn

I’ve been looking for ways for the new mentors to start sharing their expertise other than through one to one mentoring. When Joan Davis suggested that we send out a weekly, bite size piece of advice on LinkedIn, I loved the idea. If you look at the Business Analyst Mentor company page, you’ll see the […] Read more »

What’s in a name? Is it essential to have the Business Analyst job title?

Recently, I met the attendees of an ISEB training course (ISEB is an international BA certification for BA’s – to talk about the Professional Development Mentoring programme (read about the programme here – and get some market feedback. (they were attending a course run by Metadata Training – they are a training provider […] Read more »

Why everyone should have a mentor

I’ve written the following article for BA Connections, the IIBA newsletter. It’s coming out in June but I wanted to give you a sneak preview: In this article, I’d like to explain why I think mentoring can be so valuable in helping you through the professional development minefield. I will share a story to illustrate […] Read more »

The key to successful communication as a business analyst

I have been researching current thinking on online training. It has really opened my eyes to effective methods for engaging and communicating with others. This article explains some best practice principles for communication. Ok, imagine you’re a project manager and your business analyst says: this task is really difficult. I’m not sure how long it […] Read more »

My life as a Business analyst revealed!

I was recently interviewed by Michiel Erasmus who has a regular podcast on subjects related to business analysis. He is fairly new to the field and passionate about developing his knowledge and shares it with the rest of us with his podcast. The interview was wide ranging from my experience as a business analyst, mentoring […] Read more »