How to make use cases work for you (expert discussion webinar)

In this expert discussion webinar Alex Papworth, James Shields and Edel Power discuss use cases Chaired by Jody Bullen of Yonix This is a community driven event drawing on and sharing the experiences of our community. This webinar is part of the ‘Be a Better BA’ Webinar Series bought to you in association with Yonix […] Read more »

Webinar was ‘more like a best practice approach to business analysis’

Thanks to those of you who attended Tuesday night’s webinar (it was night for me anyway!) on The six essential steps to delivering your first use case model. The technology worked well and, judging by the positive reactions, everyone benefited from the webinar. There were a number of questions and I was able to respond […] Read more »

Feedback from my test students

As the date for the course (Mastering Use Cases) approaches, I thought you would find it useful to hear from my test students. I’d like to introduce Rebecca Nord who works at University of California, Davis. Rebecca has provided me with considered and insightful feedback which has really helped me lift the quality of the […] Read more »