Business Analyst Mentor helps out with Study group and online training

I’ve been busy recently with marketing and preparing for the IIBA UK conference. I’ve also been invited to be part of a ‘mentor committee’ along with Doug Goldberg, Linda Erzah and Laura Brandau to support an online Study Group. This initiative is being steered by David Maynard who has invested a lot of time in […] Read more »

Free video walkthrough of Foundations for Requirements Development and Management

EBG Consulting, whose eLearning course I have recommended for those new to business analysis (read more), have recently released a video introduction to their course. It gives you an idea of who the course is for, the type of content and a preview of the course ‘look and feel’ (which I think you should find […] Read more »

Free Foundations of Business Analysis ‘taster’ webinar

ESI International, whose eLearning course I have recommended for those new to business analysis (read more), have recently announced a free webinar that provides a ‘taste’ of their classroom equivalent course. If you’re interested in the course then I recommend you sign up to the webinar. If you decide to sign up for the course, […] Read more »

Business Process Modelling – the basics

This article explains why you should produce a business process model, what they are and how we can produce them. Business process models are important for a number of reasons: provides a business context for the project assists in identifying requirements establishes a shared understanding of end to end process(es) between all stakeholders across business […] Read more »

Why should you become a business analyst?

The following is taken from the eBook for Becoming a New Business Analyst. Have a read of this and let me know your thoughts… Why should you become a business analyst? This is a good question as you need to know your motivations are right before you invest time and money in becoming a successful […] Read more »

Becoming a Business Analyst Tales – Moving to the dark side!

I met Pinal Patel last year when we worked together in a startup. For three months or so we had some fun with our first experience of Agile methods and a wide variety of working hours. Since then, we have gone our separate ways but have kept in touch. Pinal was originally a developer but […] Read more »

Becoming a business analyst – assessing your competence gap

I have recently been in discussion with Adriana Beal, an experienced business analyst, based in New York. She has contributed a stimulating and important article to the IIBA blog on ComputerWorldUK hosted by yours truly. I asked Adriana if she would be able to provide a similar article to help BA’s (or wannabe BA’s) to […] Read more »

Become a successful business analyst eBook

The last couple of months have been interesting for me on various fronts: My ‘trial’ mentoring programme with Ify (see Ify’s blog) has continued. It’s not been as rapid as I or probably he would like. However, our expectations were perhaps a little unrealistic based on spending no more than a couple of hours mentoring […] Read more »