Hear a mentee share his experiences

Pete Cohen has kindly agreed to be interviewed to share his experiences of mentoring. Pete lives in Melbourne, Australia and I first met him when he attended my first Mastering Use Cases course. In this interview, he tells me how he finds mentoring helps his confidence and credibility within his organisation. He also explains how […] Read more »

Business analysis in the creative sector – culture clash could block change

A leading figure in the project to move BBC production from London to Salford is to use Business Analysis Conference 2009 to call for a shift in the way BAs interact with creative professionals. Mark Harrison (Creative Director, Innovation, for Project North and BBC Vision) said measurement and analysis are in danger of getting in […] Read more »

User-centred analysis could mean better, cheaper systems – and more fun

Business analysts can deliver better, cheaper systems – and have more fun – by adopting user-centred techniques. That’s the message from Nick De Voil, one of the speakers at the Business Analysis Conference later this month. West London-based De Voil has been working in the industry for more than 25 years, mainly on large public […] Read more »

My life as a Business analyst revealed!

I was recently interviewed by Michiel Erasmus who has a regular podcast on subjects related to business analysis. He is fairly new to the field and passionate about developing his knowledge and shares it with the rest of us with his podcast. The interview was wide ranging from my experience as a business analyst, mentoring […] Read more »